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Can I ask that, when you collect answers to your satisfaction, you put
them together in a single document, and stick it on the wiki?  These are
very useful questions for new hackers trying to understand the system.

I'll tell you what I know, but it may be slightly inaccurate in the details.

And so says Alex Schultz on 11/09/05 09:28...
      Is there any mechanism for state changes to a map that
      will not be cleared after a short amount of time? If
      so where is the source code that deals with that?
      Well, if you're referring to the apartment style maps, you would want to
      look at the saving code in common/maps.c
      Are changed maps ever saved to disk for any reason in
      crossfire?  By changed, I mean maps with items dropped
      on them, or generated monsters, or whatever.
      Again, apartment/guild maps.
There are two relevant mechanisms, both referred to commonly as

First, a map can be "unique" (by setting the unique flag to true on the
exit object that leads to it).  Hmm, that's not precise; an _exit_ can
be unique.  Yes, that's better.  (Although we refer to this feature as
an "unique map".)

If an exit is unique, a player that goes trough it will be taken to a
special version of the target map; this version is different for each
player, and is persistent - when it resets, its whole contents will be
saved to disk.  However, they are saved to the player's directory.

The other thing in unique items.  When a map reset, any cell that has
any items marked "unique" (except for exits... I think) will be saved to
an "overlay" map file, which is in turn saved to a special directory.

The way this is usually put to use, is by marking a few _floor_ objects
as "unique", so that those cells will always be saved.  You may hear
people referring to this practice as "unique floor" or "unique squares".
 Guild houses (iirc) have a room or two with unique floor, so that you
can keep your loot there.

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