[crossfire] Buildable Land Plots

Anton Oussik antonoussik at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 03:51:29 CDT 2005

On 9/21/05, Alex Schultz <
     alex_sch at telus.net
     > wrote:
          -Where should land plots be buildable?
     I would say allow anywhere, on world map, but not in a city. I would
also introduce some sort of land tax for every plot you have built up.
Also when you  first build on the plot, you "buy" it, so you pay the
money, and get get a permit to build there. This raises some new
    - Where/how to pay to buy a plot
    - How to determine who owns a given plot, and who the tax should
be charged to
    - How to accomplish the previous two and keep the maps sellable
between players

If you do not pay up the land tax your most expensive plot wil be
demolished, and the money salvaged used to pay tax for remaining
properties. This carries on until there are no more plots to sell.

I can see several ways of calculating the tax for a given plot. Either
per region (so in scorn charges 800gold/plot/day, brest may charge
300, and navar 450. This approach would work but be inflexible.

Another approach I can think of is to have a base price of plot, and
then raise price for every nearby developed plot within surrounding
5-9 squares or so.

Additionally extra tax could be imposed for every object stored in a
plot as a way of cutting down on clutter on maps. If it was really
wanted the object tax (or land use tax) could be made exponential
after some time.

          -When a map maker builds over a land plot entrance, what happens to
      the land plot?
     Do not allow building over the entrance. That is a silly thing to do
and would only be attempted by accident.

          -What (if anything) should be done about the potential issue of
      players trapping eachother in buildable areas.
     I can see this could become a major DM pain, but can not see much that
can be done - there is already word of recall. Perhaps someone else
can come up with a better idea for this.

Additionally I have a few more ideas/issues to add to this.
    - Buildable altars
    - Buildable map entrances/exits?
    - When a plot is developed change the face on world map to reflect that.
    - (this one is harder) If a player buys a 2x2 set of plots, should
they be able to build a house 4 times as big, and should the world map
introduce a large building into itself whaen that happens?


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