[crossfire] Buildable Land Plots

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Mon Sep 26 03:30:20 CDT 2005

The idea of popping up shops is great, and i'd add things like
roads, post office, and such, too! :)

That said, the issue i can see is about permission in
directories: if game modifies/adds itself the maps, then comes
the issue of physically writing the file, thus requiring write
access to maps subdirectory. Maybe that's not a real issue,
but still, need to think about that.
Or find a way to specify those maps are stored in var
subdirectory or something like that.

As for building itself, i'd say players buy blueprints of what
they want, and it gets build. Then we could have rare
blueprints you can only find by doing quests, and such.


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