[crossfire] holy altars & sacrificing.

Brendan Lally brenlally at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 10:25:11 CDT 2005

On 9/26/05, Mark Wedel <
     mwedel at sonic.net
     > wrote:
        Eg, each time you sacrifice stuff, your piety goes up.  Each time you pray
      without sacrificing, your piety goes down.  Some minimum piety is needed to get
      some gifts (eg, you're not going to get the gods weapon if you never do anything).
        Perhaps the kill code can also be modified to check to see if you killed a
      monster of the god - if so, piety also goes up.  In some sense, piety is sort of
      like exp, but less direct in that you can buy it
I'd like to think this could be extended to the entire pantheon, if
this piety were tracked as a separate object, then there could be one
for each god. Then, anytime a monster is killed, adjust the piety (I
suppose at this point it should be called favour) of the god that
likes that monster downwards and of the god that hates it upwards
(though probably not by as much, since, as you suggest, simony could
also be necessary to have a good relationship)

once this starts happening players can start restricting the way they
can convert between gods (want to worship valriel? you really
shouldn't have killed x thousand angels then should you?) so that some
conversions could become very expensive to do (even to the point of
requiring tens of millions of platinum to appease a god that you have
made inordinately angry with you)

extra bonus effect, if this were hooked into the charm code, it could
be easier to charm monsters that worship a god that likes you, and
harder to charm those who worship a god that hates you (the natural
aversion that the creature will have to those they know to be heretics
and agents of evil) -

possibly it could also act as a modifier to banishment damage? - (if a
creature banish you, but their god doesn't like you, then even if your
race isn't detestable to them, still harm the player - though maybe
not as much...) - side effect, the more a player focuses on one type
of creature, the more dangerous being banished by them is.


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