[crossfire] Buildable Land Plots

Brendan Lally brenlally at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 10:50:54 CDT 2005

On 9/26/05, Alex Schultz <
     alex_sch at telus.net
     > wrote:
      At the time of my original post making use of the
      random map generator as well to make landscape details, and choosing
      from several styles depending on what tile one tried to build the plot
      on. That said, blueprints might be nice too because they would save
      players who don't want to create the building from scratch some time.
An easier method than blueprints, that is being suggested, is to have
a building shop sell the occassional 'house in a box' which would be a
container with 36 walls (the plots would be 11x11 with the outside row
not directly buildable, to allow space for entrance and exit) a door,
and a bed to reality.

Obviously this would be horribly overpriced, for the extra convenience
of not having to find all the appropriate materials individually.

If the aim is to not have to build at all, whilst having somewhere to
own, then I would draw your attention to the existing permenent
apartments, at least the navar one is already marked is_buildable 1 in
many places.

I do like the idea of quested items though (rather than blueprints as
such), something like a buildable chessboard would probably be a
suitable quest reward.


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