[crossfire] Re: Improved post office idea

Alex Schultz AlDragon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 13:52:45 CDT 2005

Andrew Fuchs <
     fuchs.andy at ...
     > writes:
      On 9/26/05, Nicolas Weeger <
      nicolas.weeger at ...
      > wrote:
      > When we'll have the new plugin system (*ponders sending in a
      > search party for gros*), I'll extend the post office to send
      > items to other players.
      Was rednaxela doing something related to this (swig bindings)?
     No, I was experimenting with swig bindings for the server side common/, which 
is not for the plugin, but for making applications in languages such as python 
that can easily read the maps and archetypes through the existing C code. I got 
it working eventually, but it was very grotty and shouldn't be included in 
crossfire until/unless we have something that uses it (i.e. python based map 
editor, or php based map render). Perhasp I should find somewhere to publicly 
store this though.

Swig bindings could probably be used for the python plugin, but that would 
likely cause it to be rather bloated (swig frequently generates C source that's 
over 500kb which normally has to be linked to other code as well). IMHO Swig is 
a very good idea for making apps using maps and arches in scripting languages, 
however it's not well suited for the server plugin.

Alex Schultz


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