[crossfire] Launchpad (was Re: Backup(?) CVS via darcs)

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Tue May 9 19:02:50 CDT 2006

Actually, forget tailor... launchpad is already set up to sync crossfire,
crossfire-client and crossfire-maps from cvs to bzr.  It doesn't have
arch, due to an oversight, but we can set that up ourselves easily.

Of course right now the syncs are a few weeks outdated, thanks to
sourceforge sucking.  And since launchpad only moved from Gnu Arch to bzr
recently, the only one which is actually synced is crossfire-client.  But
the three of them are already there, and launchpad can do the hard work
for us.  See here: https://launchpad.net/products?text=crossfire

Launchpad is Canonical's development portal thingie; it has hosting and
mirroring for bzr branches, plus a simple release planning system, plus
the only bug tracking system I know about that doesn't suck too much.  It
also has a neat i18n system to which I contributed in the beginning, but
we don't care about that, since we have no i18n.

I'd like to propose that we start using it for a few things.  Maybe
release planning is overkill, but at least the bug system is immensely
better than the sf offering.  And anyone with an account can host and
publish a bzr branch, so this would allow us to use bzr even if the
official development mainline remains in cvs.  If anyone who is currently
a cf developer registers a launchpad account, drop me a word by email or
irc and I'll add you to the team object on launchpad.

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