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Fri May 26 14:39:30 CDT 2006

a new branch, and on on the list of version control system criteria that
Mark posted, which I based the matrix on, doing tags AS a 'branch', like
SVN does doesn't count. (also if one were to count what SVN does for
'tags' as being sufficient, Mercurial should also get a 'Yes')
> The ability to do local branch (which is suppose mean creating a local 
> repository, working on it and then push your local repository branch to 
> main server) is marked as 'no' for svn, but according to some doc, it 
> can be done with SVN-Mirror or SVN-Pusher, it's client side tools you 
> can install to create your own repository.
I've never heard of SVN-Pusher, and only vaguely remember hearing of
SVN-Mirror, but personally, if I want to use local branches frequently
(which I have often found myself wanting to), I'm not sure I would trust
SVN-Mirror and SVN-Pusher to handle all of the obscure cases of merging,
or how well SVN-Mirror handles incremental changes, compared to systems
that are designed with local branching in mind. Also, I wouldn't really
like having to rely on a separate perl tool for such functionality.
> Tracking when merge are done is not No on svn, but svn docs about 
> branching and merging explicitly explain how to track it efficiently and 
> easily.
I think I found the documentation you're referring to:
And yes, it's not hard to track it manually, but I would consider
automatic tracking of such like distributed systems do to be a major
advantage with regards to branching.
> I have never heard of darcs, bzr and hg before, but if we get to free 
> hosting service for those tool, we need to ensure those service won't 
> disappear in the next 3 years. Sourceforge is a solid corporation held 
> by VA linux.
Well, in terms of bzr, hosts bzr repositories for
projects, and that's funded by Canonical Ltd. (the people who fund
Ubuntu), so I doubt that would be going away for quite some time. For
mercurial, as I mentioned in a different message, (formerly looks like a possible option, and they have numerous
corporate sponsors (including Sun, HP, and many others), not to mention
how I've seen mirrors of things around for a very long time,
so I doubt they'll be going away.
> The best solution to decide will probably be a vote amongst commiters as 
> everyone probably has it's preferences.

Alex Schultz

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