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Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Sun Jul 1 03:45:10 CDT 2007

>   One problem with this approach is that skill scrolls now become value for
> all classes and all levels (until such point as you've minimized the
> affinity for all your skills).  Which I'm not positive is a good thing -
> we've had things like this before (in particular, scrolls of identify) -
> the 'fix' for that was to add identify tables so that low level characters,
> or those not first to run to the mage shop after it reset, could identify
> their items.
>   I have no problem with the general idea, but I think that any reduction
> in affinity should be done through quests (guildmaster teaches you
> something after completing quest, or some quest item reduces it).  I don't
> think having it changed on the whim of random treasure showing is that
> good.

What about we simply remove skill scrolls? Or seriously reduce their 
I think one could acquire a skill either "randomly" (drop in water a few 
times, you start knowing how to basically swim - but you can't progress 
much), or through some masters (want to learn karate? then find a dojo where 
to train, and acquire basic skills, and when you're somehow higher level you 
can train for higher level access).
Of course not all skills would necessarily work like that (how do you train 
woodsman without really using it?)

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