[crossfire] Organizing efforts, was Re: Project: New Intro

Alex Schultz alex_sch at telus.net
Mon Jul 2 19:09:03 CDT 2007

Mark Wedel wrote:
>  One thought here might be to do something similar to what was done with the 
> voting for versioning control system.  Use a form of selective voting, open it 
> up to everyone, but categorize the different vote takers, eg, developers,
> testers, players.
>   thus, if developers vote foo as #1, and bar as #4, and players vote bar as #4 
> but foo as #5, but both developers and players vote qubit as #2, then maybe 
> qubit is done instead, as it has general support from both sides.
>   I agree that we want the players involved.  I just think that if the players 
> drove the process, things may not work.  I expect that there are a lot more 
> players than developers, so their votes if taken individually could swamp the 
> results (if only 25% of the players agreed on something, that could still be 
> more votes than all the developers if they agreed on a single thing).
>   So I'd probably say now that the vote should be open to everyone, but the 
> person running the vote (most likely me) can weigh the input from different 
> groups of people in different ways.  Probably one list of preferences from 
> developers, and another from non developers, and hope something on that list 
> coincides.
One thought about this, if we want a decent amount of player
involvement, there should probably be a web-based system (integrated
with forum logins or wiki logins?), or in-game system, to collect votes.
If this is agreed on I could see if I could quickly get something
together as it should be very trivial to code something simple for this

Alex Schultz

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