[crossfire] Organizational Infrastructure (was: Re: Organizing efforts)

Alex Schultz alex_sch at telus.net
Wed Jul 4 23:18:17 CDT 2007


Well that the discussion on organizing efforts seems to have died down a
bit I'll sum up that the consensus seems to be from what I have seen here:
    -The idea of organizing and focusing on a mini-project is good
    -Some kind of procedure for selecting mini-projects to focus on
would be good
    -Projects should have a leader responsible for setting out the
direction of it (and perhaps other duties for it)
    -The idea of some form of vote deciding which project seems good, so
long as it avoids either players or developers drowning out the other's
    -Projects should have a leader and outline before being on the
voting list, and if selected should have the leader create a detailed
plan shortly afterwards

So therefore, the main points that need to be decided are:
    -How exactly should the voting/decision process work?
    -What infrastructure should be used to coordinate the project after
it has been selected?
    -What infrastructure should be used for the decision making process?

On the first point, of how the voting process should work, well that's
already been touched on a little bit, with one favorable option looking
like taking a poll similar to what was done with the switch away from
SVN, keeping track of both developer and player views and trying to
select that which appeals to both sides.

On the the infrastructure used to coordinate projects, I think that the
usual of the wiki, IRC, and mailing list should serve the job fine. If
different infrastructure should be used for a project for some reason or
another that could be dealt with on a per-project basis, not a big deal
at all.

The third issue though, of what infrastructure should be used for
deciding what project, is a tricker question I believe. It could be
handled manually on the mailing list like with the version control vote,
however there are two issues with that IMHO: 1) It isn't of sufficient
accessibility to players and 2) it takes notable manual effort to set up
each time (not a critical issue, but it would be nice to make future
attempts at deciding a project as effortless as possible).
I believe that due to both of those issues would be solved by a
dedicated but simple web based interface for this, however perhaps that
would be overkill or someone else has a better idea. So what
infrastructure should we use to plan/decide?

Alex Schultz

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