[crossfire] classes & guilds

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Wed Jul 4 20:09:26 CDT 2007

Juergen Kahnert wrote:

>> 1) skills operate the same, just harder to get levels in ones you are
>> not good at.
> This will end up with all characters having the same skill level, just
> takes longer to get some of them.

  But it would be easy enough to put in level caps for some skills.

  I know some people don't like level caps that are less than max stats.  By in 
my mind, if you have different quality of skills, such that amateur, advanced, 
and master all can get to level 110, but amateur level 110 = master level 30, 
I'd maintain you are effectively doing level caps, your just implementing it in 
a different way.

  So maybe the question is more for those against level caps:  Why?  If the idea 
is you want to be able to get any skill up to equivalent proficieny as other 
classes (but maybe it takes 10 times as long, whatever), then pretty much all of 
the proposed systems don't allow that.

>> so effectively this just means that the bad version of level 10 is the
>> same as the good version at level 3.  So you don't really gain much in
>> this case, except for guilds that look at minimum level (but then the
>> question comes up, should they also take the version of the skill into
>> account?
> No, definitely just the level, because the "affinity value" of the level
> will become better through the guidance of the guild masters.

  But IMO, you have to be very careful how well the affinity value can get 
adjusted.  Otherwise, you get the same case of bunches of classes maybe looking 
the same.

  Maybe they get broken down into 3 or 4 major classes - fighter, mage, cleric, 
thief.  But if all the fighters look the same at high level, is that OK?  Maybe 
it is, but one complaint is that all characters look the same at high level. 
Having all the characters look the same out of 3 or 4 classes is some 
improvement, but is that what the goal is, or something different.

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