[crossfire] unbalanced races (was: classes & guilds)

Juergen Kahnert crossfire at kahnert.de
Thu Jul 5 00:52:13 CDT 2007

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 08:21:54AM -0600, Alex Schultz wrote:
> however your example of this is quite flawed: Rings and amulets are
> often much more powerful for spellcasting than armour or swords.

Often, but not always.  Just to list some:

- Wizard Hat
- cloak of the Magi
- Staff of the Magi
- bracers of magical power

> Thus the fact that fireborn can wear up to 4 rings and 2 amulets at a
> time far outweighs their lack of armour and swords so far as
> spellcasting is concerned.

Yes, 4 rings and 2 amulets sound much.  But in fact it's just 2 more
rings and 1 more amulet.  And this should compensate the lack of 8(!)
body parts?

Someone with feets just need to take on Idaten boots and is faster than
a fireborn.  Still leaving enough slots for other stuff...

> Also, Fireborn DO have a unique bonus besides stats: they do have an
> intrinsic mana regeneration bonus that is independent of stats, and
> while it well known it does help Fireborn notably.

Sure, this will compensate another slot, see above of the list with
magical items.

Nobody said that all races should have the same power.  But a bit more
balance could help.  Especially if there are parts of the game some
races can't participate like making their own weapons.


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