[crossfire] Max State Cap (was: Re: classes & guilds)

Juergen Kahnert crossfire at kahnert.de
Thu Jul 5 00:34:53 CDT 2007

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 05:27:13PM -0700, Mark Wedel wrote:
> changing the cap isn't that hard.
> However, this has been done before - cap raised from 25 to 30, with a
> lot of the same discussions (too easy for any class to max out stats,
> etc).
> the basic problem is that unless the cap is really high (50+),

Why always the same value?  Just make the cap for example +10 on the
stat value.  Or max +50% on it.  Whatever.  This way you keep the race
modifiers without making all the same.

For example an elf with con of 10 is allowed to increase it with a +50%
cap up to 15.  After reaching the maximum con for this race (18), the
maximum will be +50% = 27 con.

A dragon will achieve a maximum con of 26 * 1.5 = 39.

Only for the humans there won't be any changes, because natural max 20
+50% will result into all 30.


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