[crossfire] Documentation / handbook / playbook / spoilers

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Thu Jul 5 15:09:12 CDT 2007


Kind of resurrecting this thread, but well :)

I was wondering what people would think of "centralizing" the documentation in 
the doxygen format.
Not necessarily to make links to the code, but merely to have one big 
(server-side) reference documentation.

The pros I see for this are:
* only one format to handle, doxygen converting to html / latex / chm /...
* only one generation process - run eg make doc in root, will generate all the 
documentation including handbook / plabook / spoilers
* easy to point to technical documentation if needed (example: "armours are 
thus and thus - see this file for technical details)
* easy to create dot schemas if wanted
* can integrate archetype pics (possibly from arch, which is hopefully linked 
from /lib anyway for make collect) without too much duplication

and the cons:
* requires doxygen
* no text-only output - doxygen apparently doesn't do that
* probably other things I'm missing :)

Opinions & suggestions welcome :)

http://nicolas.weeger.free.fr [Petit site d'images, de textes, de code, bref 
de l'aléatoire !]
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