[crossfire] Code factorisation

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Sat Jul 7 12:22:27 CDT 2007


I just committed (to trunk) a massive esrv_send_item refactoring. From now on, 
remove_ob() and insert_ob_in_ob() will take care of sending item to client 
when needed.

I removed many unecessary calls to esrv_send/delete_item, and changed some 
esrv_send_item to esrv_update_item since this is what it was about.

This should reduce bandwidth, and make the code much easier to follow - no 
more checks for 'is this a player?'.

I didn't test everything. There may be issues, missing updates, things like 
that. But globally it should be ok, and I hope people will report bugs they 
find :)

http://nicolas.weeger.free.fr [Petit site d'images, de textes, de code, bref 
de l'aléatoire !]
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