[crossfire] safe/common item stack/inventory iteration?

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Sun Jul 8 12:33:03 CDT 2007

>   Now this construct is used to cover the case where the current object
> (tmp) goes away - we have a pointer to the next object.  Such operations
> are not that uncommon, as the {do some work} block is more likely to
> destroy tmp.

Actually, you can never be sure any object stays valid, short of restarting 
the loop :)
Remove is an event a plugin can handle, thus such a plugin could change the 
whole object stack.

As for the core of the mail, I guess it's ok to have some shortcut macros for 
common things, but IMO there are too many cases depending on the processing 
you're doing to be able to refactore usefully.

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