[crossfire] Priority feature list

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Wed Jul 18 00:58:42 CDT 2007

Nicolas Weeger wrote:
> Le mardi 17 juillet 2007 08:00, Mark Wedel a écrit :
>>   As per recent e-mail and irc discussions, we need to figure out what the
>> priority things to work on in for the 2.0 release are.
> There has been some discussion on speed/combat balance (basically: reduce 
> speed, so combats take some more time, and enable players to actually flee 
> before getting killed easily), though it isn't on the page. Could this be 
> added to the list, or is it something not everyone agrees on?

  I think anything can get added to the page.  I'd also note that at this point, 
it is probably premature to get to far into implementation details.  Also, 
presumably stuff with no strong agreement would fail to garner any number of 
votes, and thus not get done.

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