[crossfire] gtk-v2 on MS Windows

Olivier Huet huet.o at free.fr
Wed Jul 18 15:59:08 CDT 2007


Some time ago, Reven did modify the gtk-v2 to make it compile for MS Windows
(with MinGW) - see his post at

It was really great : slightly faster and cooler than slow (on Windows) gtk
1 client.

I recently try to use again crossfire and was quite surprised that this
client is still not on "officials ones", so I did try to compile actual svn
sources and it didn't compile because a new use of "scandir" function that
is not present in MinGW. I did wrote a little substitute for this with more
standard unices functions that are present in MinGW (opendir / readdir ...).
I did bracket this substitute with "#ifdef WIN32" but that should works on
unix os without scandir in the same way.

--> see that patch in attachment file.

Now it do compile well and run but is it still a continued client ?

Best Regards,
Olivier (findufin & findragon on metalforge)

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