[crossfire] gtk-v2 on MS Windows

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Thu Jul 19 02:00:50 CDT 2007

Olivier Huet wrote:
> Hello,
> Some time ago, Reven did modify the gtk-v2 to make it compile for MS Windows
> (with MinGW) - see his post at
> http://forum.metalforge.net/viewtopic.php?t=1571.
> It was really great : slightly faster and cooler than slow (on Windows) gtk
> 1 client.
> I recently try to use again crossfire and was quite surprised that this
> client is still not on "officials ones", so I did try to compile actual svn
> sources and it didn't compile because a new use of "scandir" function that
> is not present in MinGW. I did wrote a little substitute for this with more
> standard unices functions that are present in MinGW (opendir / readdir ...).
> I did bracket this substitute with "#ifdef WIN32" but that should works on
> unix os without scandir in the same way.

  The issue for all the binary packages of all the components (including the 
linux client and server) is that someone has to make them.

  Windows get a little trickier - most users don't expect that they need to 
compile their software.  On the unix side, this isn't so uncommon, so the fact 
that there is a bsd, solaris, suse, etc on the site doesn't mean those OS's are 
not supported, it just means that no one on the development team compiles 
versions for those OS's.

  so I'd basically say the same is true here for windows - no one bothers to 
compile a gtk2 client for windows.  There were never many window developers 
working on crossfire, so this may be explainable.

  Gtk2 client is IMO the most official of the clients - others may disagree. 
I'm tempted to spend an evening whipping up a glade configuration file for the 
gtk2 client that looks like the gtk1 client, just so it stops any complaints 
there - the question then comes how many different glade configs should there be 
- it is arguable if those are easier or harder to maintain than different bits 
of code.

> --> see that patch in attachment file.
> Now it do compile well and run but is it still a continued client ?

  See note above. I'll take care of your patch soon.

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