[crossfire] Priority feature list

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Wed Jul 18 23:44:03 CDT 2007

Nicolas Weeger wrote:
> I think there is a misunderstanding, at least that's not what I meant 
> with "scripting".
> I meant "you can adapt the quest reward based on the player's race / class / 
> stats / time of day through scripting". So a monk would get a good monk item, 
> a fireborn an item a fireborn can use, and so on.

  Ok - that is a bit different.  It would seem somewhat odd that quest rewards 
miraculously show up customized for the class - it especially depends on how 
many customizations you do (for example, if you do something different for 
fighters vs spellcasters, you could certainly see some characters that could use 

  Other thing that would have to be sorted out is how to deal with parties.

  But further thinking, at some point, random rewards may be incentive for more 
player interactive - arrange trades, etc, for items.  But hard to say if that is 
what will really happen vs people just repeating the quests.

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