[crossfire] GTK2 Client (Metaserver Dialog RFC)

Kevin R. Bulgrien kbulgrien at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jul 21 23:10:42 CDT 2007

Since I mumbled about the GTK2 client, and since I had dabbled in the glade designer
tool (a long time ago), I thought about digging into the client...

I dislike having to mouse to the quit button on the metaserver dialog.  I know that
alt-f4 will kill the window and app, but that is awkward too.  Does anyone care if I add
an Escape key as an accelerator for the Quit button on that dialog?  This works to
close the dialog and application whether or not a server has been selected.

To tell people about the feature, I added a tool tip to the Quit button that says:

  Escape also quits.

While working on that dialog, I made some small cosmetic changes.  The changes
involve add padding to theelements at the bottom of the dialog so that widgets
have a small amount of spacing between each other and between the bottom edge
of the panel.

Also, I prefer to see more of the Server Comment field than having wide column
titles.  I propose changing

   "# Players" -> "Players"
   "Last Update (sec)" -> "Updated (Sec)"

I also propose removing "IP Addr" since all entries use the same value as they give
for "Hostname".  

See http://krayvin.home.att.net/metaserver.png for the proposed changes.  I made
the Glade changes in the Glade Designer.

I would like to check in my changes.  Is everyone okay with that?

Kevin R. Bulgrien

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