[crossfire] GTK2 on Linux (was gtk-v2 on MS Windows)

Kevin R. Bulgrien kbulgrien at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jul 24 15:18:40 CDT 2007

> > Inventory icons.
> > 
> > Non-graphical icons (inventory, and so on) are cut off too at 1024x768 and
> > I haven't yet figured out if there is a scaling/size setting that might fix it.  It
> > was better than my configuration when I set it to 100/100, but it will take
> > more fiddling to see if it is fixable.
>   I'm not quite sure what you mean by non graphical icons.  Are you talking 
> about the icons in the inventory and look lists?  Or icons used elsewhere in the 
> client?
>   In either case, I'm not seeing that problem myself.
>   GTK itself is supposed to take care of proper sizing of the inventory/look 
> lists (making sure there is enough space for the icons), so if that isn't 
> happening, it would sound more like a bug in gtk2 than the client.

I do not even know what I meant by "non-graphical icons"...  What I did mean
was the graphical icons of individual inventory items are cut off on the right
hand side.  I do not see the problem evidence itself at 1280x1024, but I have
not tested scaling down very far because I had more screen space and could
tolerate bigger icons.

At 1024x768 and 100% scaling for the icons, only the largest icons are cut off
(bows, mithril armor, quivers, etc).  At 66% scaling, a greater number of icons
are cut off.   At 50% scaling, as best I can tell, all icons are cut off.  It seems
the column width is scaling down disproportionately compared to the scaling
of the icon graphic. 

Kevin R. Bulgrien

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