[crossfire] xp gaining

Kevin R. Bulgrien kbulgrien at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jul 27 18:20:54 CDT 2007

This isn't really a reply to a reply so much as it is to the thread.  Can you really force
people to play "right" or is there even a "right" way to play?  I don't understand what
is so fun about screaming up through levels anyway when there is so much to just
discover and play in bigworld.  There is a pile of fun in Crossfire that people just don't
even try to get out of it I think.  Why on earth would a level 100 player, with a game
that has such richness in race, vocation, magic, religion, not want to start over with a
completely different combination?  The people with problems up at level whatever
are only part of the playing population.  To me it is downright disgusting to listen to
some level 100+ braggart blabbing on chat that he just made 2 levels making scrolls.
I hate that.  I could care less.  I can't believe that is fun, but it must be, mustn't it?
When asked how many maps were played, the answer is none... or whatever...  Fine,
tweak here a bit, there a bit, suggest ideas, but the whole thing about making a new
world only for high-level characters... please.  At some point it become ridiculous
when there is so much that goes unplayed already.  How about working on stuff that
actually helps players discover a new way of playing... like scoring based on % of
maps solved, etc.  I think there are a lot easier, if more creative, ways to fix crossfire
than beating level caps to death.  Besides, if the devs are all high level players... be
careful not to cripple the slow and steady player who takes a few years to savor
the game never making 100 once...  but... nobody is paying anyone anyway, so where
is the right to complain... ;-)

And then again... maybe the fun part isn't playing... or coding... but talking... 
cogitating... etc. and who says that is a wrong way to have fun anyway... LOL.
Full circle.  Enjoy.

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