[crossfire] Party Support

Juergen Kahnert crossfire at kahnert.de
Tue Jul 31 00:15:24 CDT 2007

On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 11:29:58PM -0700, Mark Wedel wrote:
>   A class that can only gain exp as part of a party is still quite
> playable, if you are always able to play with parties.

Yes, but only _if_ you're always able to play with parties.

CF is far away from that.  Adding such classes at this state is
counterproductively and wasted time.  Much more worse, it'll frustrate
player who like to play this class and realizes later, that it's
unplayable because there are not enough players to form a party.

>   A pure weapon smith class may also be very playable

Not within CF, and probably won't ever be.

>   Now, I probably wouldn't want to play such a character, but there
> are people that do.  So I don't think that the ability to play such
> characters should not be there because some people don't find it
> interesting.

Sure, there might be people who likes to play(!) such a character.  But
offering this choice in a system where you can't play it, has nothing to
do with finding it interesting or not.

Before you can have a good party system, you need a lot of players.
Face the truth.  There are a few CF servers around the world.  Most of
them empty almost all the time.  The server with most players listed by
the metaserver is almost always schmorp, which isn't even CF.  Second
one is metalforge and the third one cat2.

Even if you take all the few players from this three servers, you won't
be able to offer a working party game, because that are still just far
to less players.

The priority should be to make the game more attractive for newbies to
get some more players.

> We don't need to fix the party system right now [...] But we should
> still think about that for other changes.

I think those points listed by Bernd will do well for the first step,



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