[crossfire] Maps for spellcasters (and melee vs. ranged attacks)

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Tue Sep 9 00:14:57 CDT 2008

  It is fairly easy to make monsters which can only be damaged by spells - give 
them a high AC such that no one would reasonably hit it (most spells don't care 
about AC).

  However, that counters both melee and ranged missile attacks (bows), so 
probably isn't quite what you are looking for.

  As noted, players can get most any attacktypes in weapons that they can get in 
spells, so protections don't cover it.

  Auras and the like would work.  A trickier part may be to get the monster to 
use it (lets face it, monster AI is lacking, so you could give them cool spells 
they may not use effectively).

  Related to that a lot of monsters will close to melee given the chance, so any 
map meant for range attacks needs a lot of space with few monsters (so players 
can run around, etc to pelt the monster) or protected areas (passages too small 
for monsters to get in, but large enough for a player).  This later point does 
require that monsters make effective use of their ranged attacks.

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