[crossfire] Player creation bug

Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
Mon Feb 21 16:14:10 CST 2011


> currently, the player creation in crossfire 1.60 is broken.
> This will fail, because the stats are checked after applying the
> race (but not the class). The attached patch fixes this issue.

Thanks for the patch :)

I'm no specialist of this part of the code, but my reading is that both the 
"basic" combo (race and modifiers) and the "full" combo (race, class and 
modifiers) should be valid for the character to be considered valid.

Your patch removes the race+modifiers check.

So I'm not sure it's totally correct, because shouldn't the character without 
its class be valid?

Of course, the client interface may be bugged if it accepts such combos the 
server deems invalid :)

> Being on this topic, I have some suggestions for the crossfire-client.
> I think it is already pretty good, however for a normal user like
> me it is quite difficult to create a character in a sane way.
> So I suggest:
> 1. add descriptions for stats (e.g. tooltips).
> 2. make the stat number field read-only (this feature is actually not
> useful, but rather confusing and error-prone).
> 3. when selecting a race or class automatically update the stats to the
> required minimum values. Also, these values should become constraints,
> i.e. pushing the '-' should not yield in stats lower 1.
> 4. disallow negative unspent stat points. This should be a simple check in
> the '+' buttons.

All those make sense, yes.

> 5. "Choose starting map" should be replaced by the actual drop-down menu
> with "Scorn" as default value.

Well, it's nice to have a map description, which is why (I guess) there is a 
sub-dialog. Right now the description is basic, but if it is extended, a 
tooltip may prove to not be enough.


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