[crossfire] Crossfire server code cleanup/janitorial

Tolga Dalman tolga.dalman at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 19 03:46:34 CDT 2014

Dear community,

first of all: thank you very much for your efforts in the development of
crossfire. I'm a keen player of this game since around 2002.

Recently, I noticed several cleanup and janitorial work in the trunk. I wonder
whether there should be done more. Looking through the code, I have to
say that the overall quality of the server sources is really good. However,
crossfire is a software that has evolved since at least 1995.

Hence, I would like to ask you, the developer community, a number of general
questions about the future of the crossfire (server) development:

1. What platforms are still relevant ? Beside Linux and BSD, I found references 
to these OSes:  win32, hurd, hpux, ultrix, osf1, sgi, sun, vax, ibm032.

2. What C standard is relevant ? Moving towards C99 or even C11 would allow
large portions of cleanups (standard functions, types, language constructs,

3. What about the use of C++ (2011) ? It is clearly possible to smoothly convert 
existing code to C++ which allows better maintenance of the code.

Please understand these questions as a constructive effort to further improve 
the quality of the current code basis.

Best regards
Tolga Dalman

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