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Nicolas Weeger nicolas.weeger at laposte.net
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Thanks for all the changes :)

I think the global structure is nice, and the welcome page is pretty clear on 
what you'll find on the wiki!

About the content, IMO, the wiki should be a developer and map-maker 
reference, much more than for players.

Players information is on the official website (though it may require some 
update, but that's another topic), and it should probably be there because 
that's the page you'll see first when you discover the game. Having whole 
player manuals there is great.

On the other hand, anything we can think of about story background, game lore, 
and such, should be on the wiki, even if it may be spoilers - because we need 
references at some point.

So we can avoid breaking stuff randomly, or we can know the intended effect.

For instance, if all intended Pupland stuff was on the wiki, we could have 
finished all those maps...

Also, there should be documentation on pictures set, intended rules (top-down 
perspective, light, and such). Those are in the sources, but still.

In any case, please keep the good work :)



Le jeudi 11 septembre 2014 14:54:17, David Hurst a écrit :
> Hi Crossfire,
> I have had an itch to tidy up the Wiki pages and today put my ideas into
> effect. I wanted to make the pages more clearly separated to (I hope) make
> it easier to find information. A lot of pages were dated around 2008 and
> appear to have drifted out of date or out of position. The changes I made
> weren't focused on removing any content but rather moving it, splitting it,
> or merging it to fit the new structure.
> The new structure as explained on the Crossfire Wiki start page
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/start> is:
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/lib/exe/detail.php/items:eyeglasses.base.111.pn
> g?id=start&cache=cache>*The Sworn book of Scorn
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/mechanics>*This section is dedicated
> to the mechanics and implementation of crossfire as a game.
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/lib/exe/detail.php/classes:priest.base.151.png?
> id=start&cache=cache> Help/Support
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/start#help_support>This section
> focuses on guides and information that will assist in installing and
> running Crossfire servers <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/server> and
> clients <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/client>.
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/lib/exe/detail.php/world:sign.base.111.png?id=s
> tart&cache=cache> Community
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/start#community>This section provides
> useful links for connecting with other crossfire fans.
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/lib/exe/detail.php/world:thaumaturg_desk.base.1
> 11.png?id=start&cache=cache> Development
> <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/start#development>This section is the
> communal edit/scratchpad to document and kick off new ideas, and in-game
> content. Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please remember that while the
> wiki is useful for brainstorming, archiving, and listing new ideas, always
> consult the mailing list
> <http://mailman.metalforge.org/mailman/listinfo/crossfire> before
> implementing any significant changes to the game.
> For more detailed information on this structure you can visit the Crossfire
> Wiki:style guide <http://wiki.metalforge.net/doku.php/wiki:style_guide>
> I also drew on the Google analytic report to try and identify which areas
> of the wiki were most heavily getting viewed. At present most visitors were
> apparently seeking assistance in installing crossfire, particularly the
> server, or were leaving after reading the FAQ. I suspect the FAQ is a
> little over due for review but didn't spend much time on it. It is
> currently very long and overlaps with a lot of content elsewhere on both
> the crossfire website and the wiki.
> I welcome feedback on whether you like this new structure and any further
> changes that you think would be valuable. In particular I would love some
> help in adding various game mechanics to the Sworn book of Scorn. Please
> feel free to come talk Wiki with me in the IRC channel.
> Regards,
> Saru
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