[crossfire] Spellcasting skills definition

David Hurst davidnicholashurst at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 01:53:04 CDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm working on improving the messages that players get in general. Today I
was working on spell messages which are provided when learning spells (new)
and viewing learnt spells via the spell menu (commit #20501).

While working on this I noticed some odd places for spells such as ball
lightning in evocation (all other lightning is in pyromancy) and large
bullet in evocation while bullet is in sorcery. These may simply be typos
but I noticed that we don't appear to have defined what these skills
actually represent anywhere server side (there might be some definitions
client side I haven't noticed?). I also notice that the current information
on our website is very out of date and doesn't include skills like

I am thinking about adding these definitions to the skills and presenting
them to players when they learn the skills and updating all relevant
documentation (in game, wiki, website).

Based on the way spells are currently classified, and without getting too
academic, I thought the following broad definitions might work:

Evocation - Spells that remove energy (cold spells, poison, draining?,
Sorcery - Spells that create things (physical damage, food, strengthening)
Pyromancy - Spells that add energy (fire, lightning, light)
Summoning - Spells that call and control monsters (golems, pets, etc)
Praying - Spells gifted by channeling your gods wishes through prayer

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