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    * [[dev_todo:News Paper]] - A newspaper that hilights interensting events on a server (impliment with a script)
    * [[dev_todo:Player Clothing]] - Actualy show what the player is wearing, allow them to modify their apperance.
    * [[dev_todo:Time of day based events]] - Stuff happining based on the time of day.
    * Revise [[dev_todo:char_creation|Character Creation]] - Redo character creation, probably with fixed points instead of random, may be in game.
+   * [[dev_todo:Player Economy]] - Let players have more influence on the economy (will probably need more players to make this work...)
  == Maps: ==
    * [[:landforms]] - The naming of various landmarks and features in bigworld (should it be done, or left until someone uses one area?)
    * [[dev_todo:Auction House]] - Place to auction items.
    * Bigworldify Pupland - Move pupland onto the world maps (i think lalo was working on this)

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