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  ====== Issues Affecting Game Balance ======
  A list of of issues that may make it way too easy to level up, obtain items, and/or complete dungeons. (as believed by one or more persons)
  Please dump any thing that you think needs review here.  And also add more information, possible fixes, reasons for keeping something, etc.
+ === General ===
+   * Some items are too availible to players, and should have a more limited number in circulation.  This would help create more economical interaction between players.
+     * give some items a unique tracking number, and limit the amount (based on a flag, could be a ratio to players) in the game at one time.  If the total amout allowed is reached, don't generate any more of the object.
  === Player Race/Class ===
  Balance issues with player race/class individualy or in combination
    * dragon monks

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