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  Whatever to create the player caracter in-game or off-game. Close all developers in a room and give them food only when they have coded the decided feature.
  ==Java Editor==
  Recently Cher made the suggestion to merge the two editor branches of crossfire and crossfire's descendant daimonin to join editor efforts. If you're lucky, Cher will bring his PC and demonstrate the latest Daimonin Java Editor.
- ==Plots==
- Red has been working on plots for crossfire. Perhapse we should help him with this wonderful feature. (Remeber regions (players can(should beable to) build on land in their region they are a citizen of or the wilderness but not in other regions they are not a citizen of (Navar would love to build a castle right outside of scorn)) arches use for paths (flagstone, etc) would have not_plot_buildable 1 set, plots would be turn on/off able in the server settings file).
- ==Politics and War==
- (This should be turn on/off-able in the settings file, as all large features should be).
- Players can be citizens of regions. Regions can go to war, conquer land, claim wilderness as their own (thus that map becomes part of the region), conquer other region's land by destroying all "capital" buildings on that map (castles, barracks, sentry towers of death doom and sin) and then building it's own "capital" building (barracks, sentry tower, castle).

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