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Edit Summary: Comment in regards to user tracking feature votes

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  ==Media Integration==
  Currently there is no fixed process for getting new maps/archs/images included in crossfire beyond 'send them to the mailing list/tracker and er....'.
  On the occasions that someone tries to create something, there is no real way to support them properly in testing, verification and inclusion of new content. Any substantial changes need either to be agreed by consensus (which is almost impossible with no proper way to track that) or else championed by someone with commit access - which isn't always easy to achieve.
+ COMMENT: I've been watching the Flyspray [http://flyspray.rocks.cc/] project since they looked the most promising (via Google searches) for a bug tracking and user voter tracking tool. However, the "vote for features" feature seems to be stalled. =-(  Anyone have other suggestions?
  ==Character Creation==
  Whatever to create the player caracter in-game or off-game. Close all developers in a room and give them food only when they have coded the decided feature.

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