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  === Destruction ===
  ^ Level:  | 18  ^ SP:  | 30  ^ Path:  | Null |
  ^ Notes:  |  |||||
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    * The description of Confusion could be better.  Is it a cone-spell?  What does the website spoiler mean when it says it's good against monsters with physical immunity?  How does confusing them help?
    * The description for Wonder is also a bit vague.
+     * Wonder casts any non-prayer spell that may appear in a normal randomly appearing spellbook, with the chance of different spells appearing being calculated just like the chance of different types of spellbooks appearing. In other words, it randomly casts almost any spell, but usually ends up doing crappy spells. Also, 1/3 of casts will just create flowers.
    * Can Disarm disarm //any// trap, or is it limited by level somehow?  Does it ever set off a trap accidentally like the disarm_traps skill does?
+     * It never sets off a trap accidentally
+     * It can disarm anything, with the following condition of success<code>if(!(random_roll(0, (MAX(2, MIN(20,trap->level - skill->level+5 - disarmer->stats.Dex/2))-1), disarmer, PREFER_LOW)))</code>which means that the chance of success is never much better than about 1/2, however never worse than 1/20. It can go slightly above or below that though due to the player's luck stat. In other words, level can never stop it from disarming a trap, however it can make it rather annoying by making the chance as bad as 1/20 (which can be annoying considering how long it takes to cast and it's high mana cost)
    * A few spells don't have descriptions from either source; anyone who knows what they do, feel free to fill them in.
    * Is there really a Null path (path_attuned == 0)?
+     * No, spellpath "0" just means it has no spellpath associated with it, however some code in the game (perhaps improperly) reports it as "Null" instead of something more user friendly.
  ===== Credits =====
    * All information retrieved from the archetype files in the [[http://crossfire.real-time.com/svn/index.html|SVN repository]], or from the [[http://crossfire.real-time.com/spoiler/spells/index.html|Spells]] section of the main Crossfire site.

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