[CF-Devel] new quetzal (dragon) race

Andreas Vogl andi.vogl at gmx.net
Wed Feb 27 09:00:10 CST 2002

in reply to Peter M.:
      An easy way is to just color the image differently.  Even
      a poor artist (such as myself) can do that much.
What I'll do is take the quetzal-image from alternate set.
It's a bit flat but will do till someone cares to draw
a better image.
The dragon player will now start out titled "fire hatchling".
The quetzal remains, only with different image, race reptile
and slightly modified description message.

Okay, I hope with this I've got the general blessing for
commiting. :-)

I've got the basic code done and tested (as far as I can).
I'd like to wait to have the current memory leak issue
resolved before my commit. But on the other hand I don't wanna
wait too long, as with every cvs change it becomes harder for
me to merge in my patch. 

So please expect me to commit my patch somewhere during the
next days. If anyone still has objections, please don't wait
and tell me now.



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