[CF-Devel] town portal (RE: CVS commit: maps/city/misc)

Tim Rightnour root at garbled.net
Thu Feb 28 09:41:10 CST 2002

On 28-Feb-02 Andreas Vogl wrote:
      Somehow I agree to what Mark (and others) said here.
      Adjusting spell damage and monster resistance is probably
      a better approach than backfires for attack spells.
However, worth noting, I don't object to "cute" backfires on spell failure. 
Like a 5% chance of a failure causing a cute side effect to occur might be fun.
When I say cute though, I mean silly things, like summoning a chicken, or
turning wine into water.  Nothing that affects the player adversly.  The idea
being not to deter using spells, but make them a little more colorful.  It
should only happen on normal failure though, not increase the chances for

If there are spells people feel are too powerful, we should get a list going,
identify what makes them so powerful, and tune them down.

As for WOR, there are potential abuses for it, but more importantly, it's a
very vital spell.  When I start playing, and explore maps, I allways take a
scroll with me, so if I get myself in too deep, or end up trapped, I can bail
in a hurry.  Any newbie who has played a mud/moria knows that a WOR can save
your hide.  I would go as far to say, we should give one as starting equipment
to every new player.

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