[CF-Devel] town portal (RE: CVS commit: maps/city/misc)

Henric Karlsson henric at lysator.liu.se
Thu Feb 28 10:55:53 CST 2002

A few thougts on the subject.
Mostle tweaks of already presented ideas.

* town portal abuse
This spell is indeed being abused and the void idea sounds like a good
solution *IF* void does not mean an instant death. The void should be some
place where it's possible to take coverage (at least when you enter the
map), and spells and prayers should be allowed, how should a priest or
mage survive otherwise? This probably means that WoR alone has to be
blocked (so you can't make an easy escape)

To make void a challenge even to high lvl players, there should probably
be several instances of void with different difficulties depending on the
level of the player using the portal. (easy way is to make different
monsters I guess. Protector of Void?)

* spell backfire
When I think of a spell backfire, some kind of random side effect comes to
mind, like wand of wonder. One idea would be to replace the normal spell
effect with a random spell. This could be both good or bad depending on
what actually happens. Maybe use some extra spell points as well.
In most cases however changing the effect of the spell usually makes it
worse than the original spell (otherwise the player would have chosen this
new spell in the first place, right)

/Henric (Gambold)


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