[CF-Devel] speculations about the floor (elevation)

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Thu Jul 3 18:17:57 CDT 2003

On 03-Jul-03 Mark Wedel wrote:
      Third, if the editor had a elevation mode, where it simply displayed a color
      gradient for the various elevations, say slowly rising to 10k being white,
      would make it easy to flip to elevation mode, and see the grade of the land.
      Might be easier to just do simple color ranges than gradiants.  I'd presume 
      there is no smoothing, eg, this is an alternate map display, where high
      are simply white, low squares are blue, and other squares have whatever
      Eg, don't try to smooth finer than a square, and even then, maybe just have a
      dozen colors that show elevation.
Basically by gradient, I meant that for values ranging from -5000 to 0, you
would go from dark to light blue.. not that the individual tiles be gradiants. 
And I think AV misunderstood my color bit.. I didn't mean to have a large
overview map thing.. All I wanted was a toggle "show elevation" that would show
colored squares instead of the tile graphics.  The image sizes and whatnot
would stay the same, nothing spectacular or complex.

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