[CF-Devel] speculations about the floor (elevation)

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Thu Jul 3 18:56:49 CDT 2003

       Perhaps the easiest, and least controversial of Tim's suggested bits 
      would be the ability to have the elevation displayed on the tile.  
      That at least makes it easy to see what the elevation is, and what 
      spaces are missing elevation.  One could load up an older version of 
      the map (before the elevation is clobbered), and then see what they 
      elevations are, what needs to be updated.

Elevation is already clearly visible in the editor and easily changed, 
it is just not realistic to modify the values by hand - there can be 
hundreds or thousands of elevation edits required for even a small 
change.  If the values aren't modified to reflect changes in the map 
during editing then there is little point in having them.

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