[CF-Devel] smoothing code.

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Fri Jul 4 12:25:13 CDT 2003

Is this the transitional graphic set we are going for?  This is more 
akin to the shaggy tile.  This appears to be the inverse of single tile 
smoothing (if your reading this and don't know what I'm talking about 
you can research in the archives...) than the full transitions proposed 
by Mark and Tim based on the legendary document.  I thought we had 
decided to go with the larger number of transitions for greater visual 
appeal.  I ask because I am working on some smoothing graphics and don't 
want to redo them.
The reason I ask is because these seem to have the same issues as the 
'shaggy tile' scenerio.

Also I really want to get the layering sorted out.  I understood it that 
water was to be lowest level then we would work up such as :
water -> sand (and desert), marsh, and cobbles (roads) -> grass and 
swamp -> trees (different types of forest) and hills ->mountain

Where more tiles could be added to the appropriate 'layer' as they come 
on line.

This method would allow for the eventual retirement of the river and 
lake arches, which are a royal pain, with appropriate water arches.

Also is there any consideration being given to extending this (leaving 
the door open anyway?) to do stuff like health/magic auras over top of 
objects and players or special effects or weather animations?

       First, is it expected/thought that the smoothing (blending) of tiles 
      is likely to be turned on/off at and object level?  this may be more 
      for the mapmakers - do you see cases where you woudl say 'I really 
      don't want this grass tile smoothed with the neighboring tile'. 
This is part of leaving the door open no?

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