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Sun Jul 6 12:38:43 CDT 2003

Le Dimanche 6 Juillet 2003 16:13, LZ a écrit :
      I want to offer myself for redrawing some pictures. Thought i need any
      software for uncompressing/compressing the image package. I don't know
      if this is the list where i should ask, if don't, tell me :P if so, ask
      me for example sprites...
The Crossfire-devel is the correct list to submit new stuff like GFX. Just 
don't post your work directly as attachments, but rather as URLs.

If you want to get return for players, you may want to post an article on the 
Crossfire Forum. And the irc channel #crossfire is also a good way to get 
real-time impressions.

      Sorry for my bad english.
     No problem... We're in the same team :)

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