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From: "Mark Wedel"
        I'd personally probably prefer it to be something like
      or the like, and have these smoothed graphics in the same location as the
      graphics they smooth (and not all dumped into one directory that is only
      indirectly associated with the graphics they smooth).
When I added some of these smoothing sets, I took it on myself to change the
name like: S_grass.base.111.png and removing the grasslike directory so that
all the images are in one directory.  I think this is more along the lines
you mention.

        it'd probably also be nice to be able to put the 'smooth' line in the
     arc or
      face file vs using a file in the lib directory - same thing - locality of
      information.  Just have the collect script pull out the smooth lines as it
      processes the arc's (As it does for animatinos now).
        This isn't that big an issue, but I'd think it make things easier to

If you mean having a smooth field in the arch so archmakers can set the
smoothing they want to apply to that new object (or if they make a new
smoothing set for it), rather than having to update the server, then that
does sound like a good idea.

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