[CF-Devel] New GFX Package 01

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Thu Jul 10 17:01:06 CDT 2003

This package replaces:
- All the water (except grassponds and Blake_0 (an 1x1 lake)
- All the mountains (smoother now)
- All the shields (except "small shield" and "shield", "Belzebub's" just
got smoothed)
- Some swords:
  - Defender
  - Dragonslayer (Dragonbane).
  - Excalibur.
  - Firebrand (Flametongue).
  - Frostbrand.

You can see a screenshot here:

In this order:

Demonspawn shield, dragon scale shield, eye shield, high shield
holy shield, reflector, round shield, spiked shield
Belzebub's shield, white dragon scale shield, defender, dragonbane
excalibur, firebrand, frostbrand

You can get the package here:

Just uncompress it over your arch files (it'll overwrite the graphics).

LZ (
     elezeta at eresmas.com

P.S: If anyone wants to open a test server, please notify me at IRC when
i'm not away :P
@Todd: Tell me when you replace the actual ones by the ones you like :)

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