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      On 08-Jul-03 David Seikel wrote:
      >  Do I really need to chat on IRC?  One of the
      No, but one on one conversation makes discussion of your ideas go much
      > Are there other mailing lists or whatever I should be on?
      Not really.. there is a web forum somewhere.. but it's not mandatory. 
      This is the official discussion list.  IRC and the forum are informal 
      discussion areas.. but alot of stuff does end up happening on the IRC

Since I am trapped behind these firewalls, I will have to confine my
discussions to the mailing list.

      About that.. is there a way we could perhaps build CVS snapshots
      occasionally.. in tarball format?  Just a thought.
Some one is doing that, there was a URL posted to the list.  So I have
grabbed the most recent snapshots and looked at them on the weekend.

I noticed that the bug fixes I posted a while back have not made it into
CVS.  Are they being looked at by the appropriate people?  Did I post them
correctly?  What is the status of my posted bug fixes?

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