[CF-Devel] smoothing screenshots

crossfire-devel-admin at archives.real-time.com crossfire-devel-admin at archives.real-time.com
Wed Jul 16 23:10:10 CDT 2003

  Haven't been paying tons of attention to this, but just a note -

  If your wanting objects by default to have some behaviour, then the value you 
should rely on for a default is zero.

  Eg, if you want objects with no smoothlevel value specifically set to be on 
top, then that value should be 0.  Because it isn't all that reasonable to 
expect that 255 by a default for all objects (because by definition, you are now 
having to change all the archs to have a smoothlevel 255 in them).

  IT just makes more sense for default values to be zero.

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