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Fri Jul 18 01:41:06 CDT 2003

Todd Mitchell wrote:

      Even if the smoohting templates aren't directly incorporated (the editor
      wouldn't need to display them to mapmakers but it might use them to do
      smoothing...), I expect some of the larger pictures will eventually get
      reconsolodated into a single PNG.  The larger ones will be done first likely
      since they are hardest to maintain in sections.  They may not be quite
      512x64 but they will be large.  Actually that brings up a question - how big
      can things get?  How about a 512x64 giant worm?  This is especially
      interesting line of thought when you see some of the newer clients with
      really large map display areas.
  There are two real limits:

1) The size of the image itself.  For practical purposes, this would be a bit 
less than 64k (max packet size is 64k, and you need a few bytes for other data). 
  In addition to that, I believe that when the server sends an image to the 
client, it only uses 2 bytes for how big the image is.  So having a bigger 
packet size doesn't fix that problem.

  Note that such big images could still have a problem in other regards (if such 
a large image was sent during play, that could create a bit of latency).  But if 
the user downloads all the images first, that isn't a big deal.

2) The number of spaces the image expands.  This is currently defined to be 6 
spaces (really 7 - it is 6 off the edge of the map).  So this effectively means 
a 192x192 image.

  At some level, images bigger than that may not make a lot of sense - after 
all, the player may not run with the full 25x25 map, and at some level, scale is 
relative - some of the very big monsters right now can even seem a bit big.

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