[CF-Devel] banish command

crossfire-devel-admin at archives.real-time.com crossfire-devel-admin at archives.real-time.com
Fri Jul 25 21:55:34 CDT 2003

      Since many players are using DSL lines, it's trivial to go offline and
      online again to get another IP from the provider's IP range. So the
      ban_file is useless here.
Yes and it is almost just as trivial to get a new IP using dialup.  Well I
only have a few things to reply to that:

1. It is anoying to the player to banish them since they have to get a new
IP - hopefully anoying enough to to make them rethink their behaviour.  It
is not supposed to be security, it is just to give the DM more effective
police power.

      I would rather prefer sending them to jail. Or if the _player_ should be
      banned (not his _host_), then some ban_flag should be set and saved in
      the player file, to prevent logins.
2. Jailing the player's character (PC) is preferable but serves a different
purpose.  Kicking a player is ok but they can just instantly reconnect.
Banishing a player is a stronger way to kick a player off the server.

If you want to set a ban on a PC is is better to just send them to jail.
Banish is more for dealing with players than for PCs, if you have some goon
constanly loggin in and making new characters just to make trouble at least
with Banish you can make it harder for them to do this. Slow them down and
hopefully they will go away. It is not meant to replace server admin role in
setting up blocks of banned IPs and the DM does not see the player's IP.
The server logs will show if there is a problem.


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