[CF-Devel] banish command

crossfire-devel-admin at archives.real-time.com crossfire-devel-admin at archives.real-time.com
Fri Jul 25 23:59:07 CDT 2003

  Well, having a banish_file in the var directory seems reasonable.  Shouldn't 
be too much effort to have the check_ban or whatever the function is called to 
check two files.

  One could certainly add a time (in epoch seconds) of when the ban expires, and 
have the check_ban ignore any that have past.

  If I recall correctly, check_ban reads the file everytime it is called.  I see 
no reason to change that - having an in memory table gets trickier.  But even 
then, if desired to actually have an 'effective until' time, it wouldn't be hard 
to have some code that clears out those old entries.

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