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Fri Jul 25 10:36:51 CDT 2003

On 25-Jul-03 tchize wrote:
      2) Add new entries to the current command used to request for 
      username/password. This command is supposed to ask the client to draw data in
      a specific dialog. This is used in username requesting, password, magic map, 
      and i think the stats changing at the creation of player. I would like to be 
      able to send the text read from scroll and book in a specific dialog so 
      client could be able to put a scroll or a book in front of player in which he
      could read and turn the pages (little work for server, more impressive client
      side :P ). This could be extended to monuments and signs, to motd and 
As long as it's optional.  Having a window pop up every time I walked over a
sign would make me have to kill someone.

As a side note.. it would be nice if there was a simple text edit widget,
something that could be used to allow players to create complex
scrolls/books/signs, or edit a post on a message board.

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